Lifesense Band 2

Question: Can I wear it while swimming for about 20 minutes?

Answer: Yes, it is IP 68, you can use while swimming without any problem. 


Question: Does it work with android 7.0 phone like moto g4 plus

Answer: Yes, It works with Android 7.0 phone like moto g4 plus 


Question: After full charge how long does battery works? 

Answer: After a full charge, it will work up to 5 days with Heart Rate monitoring, and 20 days without Hear Rate Monitoring. 


Question: Can this product work without a smartphone?

Answer: Yes sir, this can work without a cell phone, you can see the today's data in the band, but if you want to see the past data, you need to sync with the cell phone. 


Question: Can track day sleep monitor

Answer: Yes, It will monitor sleep, Sleep monitor will be active between 6:00 PM to 2:00 PM next day. 


Question: can I get the WhatsApp notification on the band, and how to enable the continous heart rate

Answer: Hi, Sorry We don't have Whatsapp notification option at this moment, We are developing this, Soon we will update our App and you will have WhatsApp notification, When you connect the band to the app, continuous heart rate monitoring will be automatically enabled, you can monitor the heart rate in the App.


Question: colors available?

Answer: Yes, In future Colored straps will be available in form of accessories. The straps are easily replaceable, and you can buy it from Amazon in future. 


Question: I have been wearing it for the night. It is not capturing sleep data.

Answer: It captures in the night but Sleep data is not accurate and doesn't capture sleep data during the daytime By Amazon Customer on 30 June 2017


Question: I wanted to know if it's possible to get the heart rate and other sensors raw value for a research project I'm trying to work on using this?

Answer: At this moment all the data stored in the app only, We do not have the option to download, We will recommend your suggestion to our development team.


Question: Does it have camera and music controller?

Answer: No, It does not have camera and music controller, We basically focus on health parameter measurement. 


Question: Does it count the steps while you move your hand

Answer: No, It does not count the steps while you move your hand 


Question: Can I read notifications in the band? 

Answer: Hi, you can receive notifications in band 2, for reading the message you need to check your cell phone. 


Question: Will it track the distance when we do cycling?

Answer: Hi, it will track the distance only while running or walking, We do not have GPS to tracking cycling distance. 


Question: is it has call and SMS option?

Answer: The band supports Call, SMS, Alarm, Move Reminder, and Wechat notification, you'll be notified through vibration alert on your band. 


Question: Does it vibrate or display notifications like WhatsApp or alarm alerts?

Answer: Yes, it vibrates and displays the notification, but at this moment only Call, SMS and Wechat notification, Whatsapp will be added from August update. 


Question: Does it tell time? 

Answer: Yes


Question: Is this touchscreen 

Answer: This product one point touch screen, We have another product Lifesense Watch which is a full-screen multi-point touch screen. 


Question: Do it has pediometer ? And calorie counter?

Answer: Yes 


Question: can this product work on redmi note 3 phone

Answer: Yes, It is compatible with every Android phone above 4.0 & ios. 





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